Refugee Law Clinic Munich e.V. was founded in November 2013 by students of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. They organise it themselves in the form of a non-profit-making association.

Members of the association organise it and/or consult refugees weekly. Thanks to previous knowledge from their law studies and especially due to an internal training program the members are qualified to provide legal advice to refugees.

There are three members on the executive board. In order to guarantee a better exercise of functions and to relieve the executive board, 8 departments (training, support of the advisory board, consultancy, fundraising and sponsoring, marketing, member-support, publicity and networking, translation) were formed. The departments are led by department leaders, who work on the tasks linked to their department, assisted by department co-workers.

The advisory board supports us in order to assure the quality of the training and a permanent legal supervision of the consultancy. It is made up of lawyers with special expertise in asylum law and law on aliens.